Komfy-Kush | Worker Parlor Mats

Komfy Kush

Komfy-Kush Parlor Mats make faster, better workers. Only 7 pounds each. Made of the highest quality EVA (closed cell foam technology). Put a spring in your workers’ step. Studies show increased productivity when you reduce leg and back fatigue. Komfy-Kush mats come in a variety of colors and interlock to form infinite floor patterns.

Liquids cannot penetrate. These 39.4″ square tiles clean and disinfect in seconds. No parlor should be without Komfy-Kush. Komfy-Kush are priced at half what others typically charge and our warranty is longer. Save two ways!

If your inspector demands drain through flooring or if you are looking for a longer lasting investment choose WorkFast mats or Versa Deck.

Product Specifications
Size : 39.4″ x 39.4″
Weight : 7 lbs.
Colors : Blue, Red, Black
Availability : Special order – Please call 800.635.2044 for lead times and minimum order information

Pallet/Quantity Discounts Available!  Call for Details: 800.635.2044

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