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Insulaire Cow Cushion®

** Special Order – Please allow 10-12 weeks for Product Production **

Dairymen know that the true cost of bedding systems is a combination of a product’s price, its cost of installation and maintenance, its life span, and its eventual disposal cost. Not to be overlooked in this cost analysis is whether a cow feels comfortable and safe on the bedding surface. Does the bed encourage her to lie down? Is she comfortable?

Does the bed relieve stress and promote milk production? Finally, does the bedding system promote hygiene, and is it protective of a cow’s health? Is it warm in winter and cool in summer? Will the bed become lumpy? Will liquids puddle on it or be absorbed by it? Will the cushion encourage bacterial growth?

The Insulaire® Cow Cushion is a dairyman’s dream bedding system. It derives its unequaled comfort and insulating properties from its inner core of millions of impenetrable air cells. These air cells eliminate the transfer of heat away from the cow’s body into a cold concrete sub floor. In summer, they resist the retention of heat, making the bed far cooler than other materials.

Although it is over 50% air, the Insulaire Cushion does not absorb liquids. The air cells are “closed.” It is the only cow bed system on the market of which we are aware that has been approved by the USDA for use in quarantine barn

The Insulaire Cushion is very effective in the absorption of shock which would otherwise be transferred into a cow’s knees as she lies down or stands up. She will not hesitate to do either. This will encourage her to eat, drink, and rest at will with no anxiety about having to stand up or lie down. The bottomside SureFlow™ studs provide an extra layer of insulation and drainage and aeration capabilities. And the unique Bubble Top surface further aids in impact absorption, scuff resistance, efficient surface drainage and ease of cleaning. From top to bottom, and every point in between, the Insulaire outperforms every other dairy bed or mattress in comfort and hygiene. We guarantee it!

Warranted to provide at least three years of useful service in tie stalls and five years in free stalls, the Insulaire Cow Cushion is state-of-the-art technology working hard for dairymen. As easy to install on a frigid winter’s evening as it is on a delightful summer’s day, the Insulaire is as kind to the dairymen who manage them as they are comfortable to the cows that use them.

Product Specifications
Size: 48” x 72”
Thickness: 1.25”
Weight: 35 lbs.
Color: Dark Brown
Surface pattern: Top (bubble); bottom (stud)
Availability: Special Order – Please call 800.635.2044 for minimum order quantities

Pallet/Quantity Discounts Available!  Call for Details: 800.635.2044

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