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Geo Pavers use a European interlocking paving brick design to capture a richness of appearance that is the envy of all who walk into a barn whose aisles are paved with it. You will be impressed with the resilient feel of security when you walk on these materials. The sense of safety is enhanced by the sound-absorbing nature of the permeable matrix of the bricks. The surface textures and warm colors complete the effect and lend credence to the statement, “This place looks like a million bucks!”

The primary raw material used in the manufacture of Geo Pavers is granulated, recycled rubber. Sorted by particle size and cleaned of all steel and fiber, these particles are mixed with binders and re-fused into stylish pavers. The pressure of the molding presses remains low so as to permit a permeable matrix to form within the bricks. Water will slowly percolate through the bricks, making them ideal for use outside or in aisles and grooming areas. Water will not puddle on them. The textured, rubber surface provides the final element of safety.

Available in Grey, Black, Red and Hunter Green

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