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AgiliFlex™ tiles are made of the same sole material as your $200 Nike® sneakers – EVA, a space aged polymer. It’s a closed cell foam construction meaning absolutely zero % absorption of fluids or moisture. Each 3/4″ thick tile has an interlocking puzzle edge on all 4 sides.

You can put down 5,000 square feet in a few hours. An economical alternative to rubber that is heavy and not easily portable. With AgiliFlex you can expand or reduce your floor area in minutes depending on need. They stack and store as easily as they clean.

Each tile is reversible “in-line”, a Summit exclusive. If you damage one tile or want to insert a new color, you do not have to “flip” the entire floor. Our reversibility feature extends useful wear life.

AgiliFlex has a suede finish on both sides for superb traction yet they are easy to sweep or vacuum. The interlocking edges are precision cut forming a tight, virtually seamless fit. Clean with any household disinfectant or just hose off.

Optional safety edge strips are available.

Size: 39.3″ x 39.3″ x 3/4″
Weight: 7 lbs.
Color: Blue

Pallet/Quantity Discounts Available!  Call for Details: 1.800.635.2044

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