UltiMat | Anti-Fatigue Mat


The UltiMat is a premium quality, natural rubber, anti-fatigue mat with excellent secondary characteristics and features. The UltiMat has been designed and engineered to provide the perfect combination of comfort and long-term utility, creating a safety surface which gives uncompromising protection to any floor, yet maintains safe, sure footing and comfort. UltiMats are fully guaranteed to maintain their performance characteristics for many years under continual use and in a wide variety of applications.

Guaranteed to lie flat indefinitely
Resists rain washout in outdoor areas
Provides better footing for wet areas indoors, and muddy and wet areas outdoors
Underside of mat engineered with channels and button risers to facilitate drainage
Anti-fatigue comfort

Size: 39″ x 59″ (1m x 1.5m)
Thickness: 7/8″
Weight: 38 lbs.

Standard Data
Color: Black
Surface Pattern: Octagon Anti-Slip
Underside: Nubs

Product Uses
Locker rooms
Swimming pools
Ski resorts
Boat ramps and marinas
Obstacle courses and much more

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