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Shoc Bloc is a by-product of tire recycling. Made by shredding tire tread, it is much like a small sliver known as a “buffing”. Shoc Bloc is 100% tire rubber, having no additives or coatings, and having been thoroughly cleaned of all fiber and steel cord. Shoc Bloc is delivered directly from the recycling plant in 50 pound sacks.

Shoc Bloc is generally used in areas where a high level of shock absorption is desirable, such as on walking paths, around horse walkers, in round pens, or in breeding sheds. Its “sliver” shape allows it to act like a miniature leafspring, and it will more effectively cushion a heavy footstep.

There are certain precautions that must be taken with Shoc Bloc. Tire rubber is a carbon-based material and can be flammable. Unlike straw or wood products, which also can be flammable, tire rubber can be difficult to extinguish once it is smoldering or burning. The loose-fill form of Shoc Bloc requires caution in its use.

We recommend the following: The totally safe use of shredded rubber as a footing additive requires that it be mixed with an inert material (such as sand, limestone, screenings, or loose dire) in the following ration: 1” of Shoc Bloc to 4” of inert material, preferable sand. One pound of Shoc Bloc mulch will yield 1 sq. foot of coverage.

Shoc Bloc will give you and your horse many, many years of useful service. The added shock-absorbency will be a blessing to sore muscles and aching joints, and you will spend far less time dragging arenas and controlling dust.

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