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Since 1985, Protector Mats have been the recognized leader in heavy duty matting for large and small animals alike. Ten years later we brought the interlocking Mighty Lite Mat to market for those people wanting the convenience and portability of light weight mats. Indeed, the market was ripe for “lightweight” mats, but as the response from the public clearly showed, “interlocking capability” was a smash hit, too.

ProtectorLoks were brought to market in early 1997, and their popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. The reasons are clear.

Because the interlocks fit very tightly (a hammer is usually required to knock them together), the amount of water or urine that can seep through a seam is absolutely minimized.

While interlocks provide a “virtual one-piece” stall floor, the individual mats, weighing 100 pounds each, can be adequately handled by one or two people, where larger pieces or rolls of rubber can be extremely difficult to handle.

Interlocked mats can be laid well within the walls of a stall and do not have to be trimmed to fit, as may be needed with straight-edged mats. Interlocked mats don’t shift or separate, and horses can’t get them up. Their ease of assembly and use appeals to many people who don’t trust their “handyman skills.”

Use ProtectorLoks to build a complete aisle floor. Flip them over and use them as a pad around a phantom mare. They won’t shift, and the grooves will give the stallion greater traction. Use ProtectorLoks in shoeing areas, grooming areas, wash racks, run-in sheds or you name it. They hold themselves in place and don’t need surrounding walls to contain them. Take a closer look at ProtectorLoks. They might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Size: 47″ x 71″ x .725 ”

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