CardioFlex matting is the ultimate in portable martial arts flooring. Our roto-weave surface pattern is especially designed to provide minimum maintenance and pleasing design. Unlike typical puzzle mats, CardioFlex mats are engineered to be rotated or flipped ‘in-line’, one tile at a time for the most flexible floor coverage. Full one year warranty.

These tough polymer mats assemble and disassemble quickly and easily, yet can remain as semi-permanent flooring for years of continual use. Single-use rooms can be transformed within minutes into multi-purpose areas, saving hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars in unnecessary expense. Take to tournaments. And when you move, they move with you protecting your investment.

CardioFlex mats can be purchased in ready to install kits, complete with beveled safety edge strips and corners. About the same price as good carpet that causes abrasions and which absorbs moisture, CardioFlex mats are easy to clean and at only six pounds each, easy to stow away. Almost every feature of CardioFlex mats can be custom tailored to fit your needs such as size, thickness, color, firmness and surface pattern.

Fully portable
Quick set-up and disassembly
Interlocking, design a floor of any shape or size
Anti-slip, double sided surfacing doubles useful life
Highly resilient, shock absorbent and safe
Non-absorbent, cleans easily

Size: 1 meter x 1 meter (39″ x 39″)
Thickness: 3/4”
Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Colors: Blue, red or black
Options: Black beveled edge strips and corners
Availability : Special order – Please call 800.635.2044 for lead times and minimum order quantities

Pallet/Quantity Discounts Available!  Call for Details: 800.635.2044

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